Discover KTM Malaysia

train-ktTrain journey has really proved to be a new dimension in the modern era. Los cost train tickets have contributed in making travelling highly affordable. It is my pleasure to bring under your kind notice that Singapore and Malaysia are the countries which are connected to the rest of the world through budgeted railways.

Malaysia Train to Singapore – Offered High Value for Money

A journey through Malaysia train to Singapore has really offered visitors like me high value for money. Though Singapore is not a too cheap destination, but travelling by train from one place to another can really make the place highly economical. You will be glad to know that the tourism industry in Singapore has grown tremendously due to a relentless pursuit of excellence in private and public ventures.

After reaching Singapore, it has been my pleasure to come to know some salient features associated with the place. Whatever I personally felt was that people in that place hardly know the meaning of the word corruption hence I analyzed the same to be a peaceful place. In the case of any sort of mishap, one can easily report the grievance through a technology based interface.

Modes of Transport in Singapore – Well Maintained

Along with the rail services, buses and other modes of transport hold the high position. First of all, I was surprised by the associated fact that how people are able to manage a high standard in this place. After a detailed study, it was my pleasure to notice the vital reason which included vibrant and flourishing economy. A handful of exclusive beaches along with some manmade attractions have resulted into the formation of the core of attraction of Singapore.

The whole journey from source to destination ports were really an enthralling one due to to which we were not at all disappointed. While sitting in the train from Malaysia, I enjoyed the good people along with some scenic beauties along with the clean and tidy feature of the trains. Also, I enjoyed the fresh and delicious meal in the train whose fair was a nominal one.

No Difficulty in Travelling by Train

The train fares varied from one another on the basis of the seat reserved. But none of them is too costly to be heard by ordinary persons. After reaching the spot, Singapore I was really surprised by the cleanliness and sophistication prevalent in the city. I met some people on my way taking singapore to kl train who were really cooperative due to which I came to know about many shops and shortcut ways to some of the exclusive places.

As I approached the hotel which I had already reserved from my home itself, I showed them the slip after which I was allotted a room. It was in the 55th floor, but had no difficulty in reaching the place as I boarded an elevator. After reaching my room, I was dumbstruck really from the stunning view of the city from my room. As I was a bit tired, decided to go for a sightseeing the next day with one of my pen friends in Singapore, Jose Roel. Really, the journey by train saved lots of money which I can easily invest in other works!

Visa Requirements to Go to Batam via Ferry


In order to visit foreign places like Batam, international visa is essential to travel and avoid inconvenience. In order to travel exotic islands, take batam ferry from Singapore and holding the same will prevent you from all sorts of dangers in a foreign place. You can easily get the required visa at the Indonesia Embassy in your own country. Also the option of visa arrival exists.

Indonesia has several different options regarding Indonesia visa to fit your stay in Batam. In order to stay there for more than two months, Kitas are considered to be the best suitable options. If you are wondering how to go to Batam, then in order to stay for less than one month the visa on entrance will be good.

Points to Ponder for Visa on arrival Regarding How to Go to Batam


Some important points to ponder regarding the option of visa on arrival include:

  • Visa on onset permits travelling to a wide number of islands of Indonesia including Batam
  • It can be easily availed at Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Padang, Surabaya, Medan, Ambon, Manado, Balikpapan, Pontianak, Batam and Southern Sumatra airports
  • Visa on arrival is also accessible within an inadequate numeral of seaports near Singapore which includes Batam and Bintan terminals
  • Some of the regions in Indonesia including Maluku, Poso and Irian Jaya are not open for foreign nationals. In order to visit those places special permission is required.

Procedures to Obtain International Visa


In order to go into the restricted places, one must obtain extraordinary authorization from the respective authorities plus inform the Embassy generals genuinely about the aim to visit those regions. Some of the vital procedures regarding obtaining of international visa include:

  • A valid and running passport
  • Proper reflecting of the fact that you hold all sorts of important arrangements to leave the country. It may include come back ticket or continuing tour.
  • Indonesian visas necessitate an entirely blank page for passport where the stamp of visa will be put on.

Cost Factor and Important Tips Regarding Visa on Arrival

Now it comes to the matter of cost related to visa on arrival!

  • The cost is estimated to be $10.00 for seven days and maximum $25 for one month
  • Going over the planned schedule will require the charge of $20.00 daily up to 29 days
  • It must be noted that almost all countries and regions are eligible to submit an application for visa on onset.

Some important tips regarding Indonesia Visa on arrival can be stated as under:

  • After getting your passport stamped, the form provided along with the passport must be kept with due care In case of mishandling, you may have to pay a penalty of about $20 in Indonesian currency to obtain a new one.
  • It is better to inform about your line of visa to that individual who will be picking you from the airport.

Riding the wave in Malaysia

  • Do you prefer exploring some new attractions of the world?
  • Are you interested to visit some of the top travel destinations of South East Asia?

If the answer of all these questions is simply yes, then the trip to Malaysia will definitely bring fortune to you.

Malaysia Tourism – Brought Golden Opportunity to Explore Beauty of Country

Malaysia tourism has brought the golden opportunity to cater cosmopolitan shoppers, historical buffs, cultural enthusiasts and nature lovers through many interesting activities. The country will also allure the tourists with some of the memorable shopping experiences along with the associated and splendor of cultural arts, natural heritage as well as flora and fauna.


Your dream of paying a visit to the heart of Asia may come true ;). You will be getting a golden opportunity to enjoy the spirit associated with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches which are surrounded with crystal water and sparkling sand. Also, you will be having an exposure to some of the colorful festivals of Malaysia which have made the place a gastronomical paradise.

Get an Exposure to Some Key Attractions of Malaysia

Your visit to Malaysia can be expected to be a memorable one due to the warm and friendly nature of the people all around. Through Malaysia tourism, you can get an exposure to some of the key attractions which include towering skyscrapers, wooden houses built on stilts, ancient reefs, and five-star hotels. You will also get an exclusive offer to explore the diverse and unique wildlife of the country.

As nowadays, people from almost each and every corner of the world are on the way to plan a trip to Malaysia, an ample number of airlines have come to serve the tourists in the best possible manner. Ranging from cheap to costly tickets, people are now having sufficient choices.